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Why Glass?
Everything tastes better in glass!  And besides, glass won't leach any chemicals.

How big are our glass bottles?
They hold 425ml or about 14.4 oz.

Is our glass bottle a good "on-the-go" bottle?
While our glass bottles are pretty durable, we designed it for casual home and office use so we don't recommend you bring it on a marathon.

What's the recommended age range?
Our bottles are intended for those 18 and older.

Are you giving some of the proceeds to charity?
As part of its commitment to providing environmental solutions for the world, Faucet Face donates to the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA) 2.5% of sales of ALL of its glass and stainless steel water bottles, PLUS, a complete filter for each sale of 5 or more individual bottles.

What's the cap on our glass bottle like?
It's a simple screw cap made from polypropylene and is BPA-free.

I'm an illustrator/designer, can I work with you on the next bottle you create?
We are looking for designers, illustrators and artists to work on designs for both current and future versions of our glass bottles.  Please reach out!

Have our glass bottles been tested?
Yes, our glass bottles have been independently tested by an FDA accredited lab. For the glass, they did a leach test for lead and cadmium. For the caps they tested for BPA. We passed both tests.

I already re-use an old glass container, why do I need yours?
Maybe you don't! But consider this: by carrying around a bottle with a label on it you are promoting that company. For example if you use and refill a Voss water bottle you are essentially broadcasting to the world you're an avid Voss drinker. Yeck. Why not let people know you fill up at the faucet?

How do I know my tap water is safe?
This is a good question and one we struggle with. Not all tap is created equal. While the tap water in our home city of Los Angeles has not had any contaminants found in over 10 years, there are still some counties in the U.S. that have problems with consistently monitoring their tap, or have found contaminants in their water.

For the majority of Americans their tap water is safe to drink. Most drinking water violations happen in towns with 20,000 or fewer people, where resources and expertise are often inadequate. If you want to learn more about the water quality in your neighborhood, click here.

Who designs your bottles?
David Turpin helped create the shape of our glass bottle and we get various talented artists for the illustrations.

Who is Faucet Face?
Woody Kassin is our owner.