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Wondering if Glass Water Bottles are better?

For those with an active lifestyle, having a Glass Bottle might seem like a potential challenge. Yet despite its inherent fragility, glass remains one of the most popular options as a container for all types of drinks, and even some snacks! So why is that in the age of various stainless steel options that so many are still going for glass? In the world of the water bottle, a BIG concern is the problem of contamination or “leaching.” You may have experienced how certain containers leave a strange taste, which is definitely more than just water. Both plastic AND metal bottles can release compounds into their contents which are harmful to our health.

While the main concern with water bottles is that something from your bottle itself will find its way into your water, contaminants from the outside environment also have the potential to find their way into the bottle. Glass Bottles fix the problem of keeping the outside out while simultaneously letting you rest at ease knowing that with every sip from your bottle, you’re just drinking the water and not the bottle! Improvements in technology and manufacturing have even allowed companies like Faucet Face to remove some of the fragility of glass, with products like their Glass Bottles. While these bottles might not be quite as tough as stainless steel, they are better suited for everyday use. So, consider going glass on your next water bottle purchase! You might be surprised what a great decision it can be.