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Buy a Bottle.

When you buy a bottle you're showing your support for tap water.

For over a decade, bottled water companies have spent millions of dollars to try and persuade us to buy their product. They served up ads with pristine mountainscapes, snow-fed rivers, and we drank it up.

All the while the implication was that tap water was inferior. Heck, sometimes they just came out and said as much.

What has been tap's response? Unfortunately it’s has never had much of a marketing budget. Until recently most of tap's defenders have put forth somewhat crude campaigns made by local water utilities and non-profits. While their intentions are good, their work pales in comparison to the sophisticated marketing tactics of private bottlers.

We want to bring back tap water's dignity. People shouldn’t be embarrased to drink it. Whether you fill up straight from the faucet or prefer a filter, our bottles let people know you're drinking tap!

BTW, 5% of the profits from each bottle sold will go toward building BioSand filters for people in rural India. More on that in the next section.

Fill a Jug.

Not everyone has access to the tap water we take for granted in the U.S. On the outskirts of the Thane district in Maharashtra, India, residents drink and bathe in contaminated river water. Since many of them live in remote areas, it’s impractical for the government to install pipes going to their homes.

The river and surface water they use is contaminated with worms, parasites and bacteria. It causes dysentary, cholera, and diarrhea. In India, diarrhea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths a day, many of which are children under 5.

So how do you create a long term sustainable water source for these folks when it’s impractical to install pipes going to their home? We think part of the solution involves Biosand filters.

Biosand Filters

The device is a simple concrete container which encloses several layers of sand and gravel which trap and eliminate sediments, pathogens, and other impurities from the water. As the contaminated water travels through the layers of sand, the harmful stuff gets filtered out.

The filter is relatively inexpensive to construct, costs nothing to operate, and is easy to maintain. Most importantly, it eliminaties 90-95% of impurities from the water.

Our non-profit partners at TMA, employ local talent in India to create the filters and then distribute them to families in need.

So the filters work great, but what do the residents think of them? Sometimes westerners think they know what's best and try to create solutions for people whose problems they’ve never dealt with. This wastes time on their part and hinders the people they're trying to help from getting the care they need.

Well it turns out, people love them. Mothers in particular have seen dramatic reduction in the frequency in which their children get sick.

Often when one family gets a filter, their neighbors see first hand how effective they are and they want one as well! As one villager put it "Filter is like round o'clock doctor who save us from waterborne disease."

When you buy a bottle and donate a filter, your purchase guarantees that a family in need will get a filter to keep their water clean.

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