Seeking Designers!
for Environmentally Friendly Glass Water bottles
Who We Are
Faucet Face is a leading marketer of eco-friendly glass water bottles that are both durable and stylishly designed. Faucet Face bottles, which are sold online as well as throughout selected stores in the US, save money, won't leach chemicals, offer superior taste, and best of all, contribute to the reduction of single use plastic bottles. As part of its commitment to providing environmental solutions for the world, Faucet Face donates a portion of sales to the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA). With Faucet Face's contribution, TMA develops and installs BioSand water filters for impoverished villagers of the Thane District of India; these filters provide a safe water source for households and help to prevent waterborne disease.
Who We're Looking For
We are looking for innovative, cutting edge designers, illustrators and artists with an outside the box aesthetic to work on designs for both current and future versions of our glass water bottles. We encourage all individuals with a desire to be part of an exciting, growth oriented opportunity to apply. Join us on our mission to rid the world of single use plastic bottles!