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Why Glass?

Help us fight bottled water waste! Our reusable bottles let people know that you don't buy into the bottled water craze. Whether you fill up straight from the faucet or prefer a filter, our bottles let people know you're drinking tap!

  • BPA free cap
  • Everything tastes better in glass!
  • Reusable, so you’ll save $ on bottled water ($334/year on average)
  • Glass won’t leach any weird chemicals
  • Promotes tap water
  • Helps people without tap water

1 for 100


This product is truly changing my way of consuming water. I will never buy a case of water again! I washed and filled my bottle up with icy cold water and put the bottle to the taste test. Amazing It was cold and refreshing. The water in the bottle did not taste at all anything like the plastic bottled water. It was crisp and had zero after taste. Yummy!

Melissa McClure


These reusable glass bottles are not only super cute, but they are saving me money (yay!), encouraging me to drink more water (because who wouldn’t want to use a cute glass bottle), and helping others without access to tap water. I love that. One thing that I noticed right away is that the water tastes fresh. It’s missing that plastic-y taste that we’re all accustomed to. And, the temperature is just right. It keeps the water chilled and   I’m not worried about leaving it in the car on a sunny day!x

Emily Stephens