We're Faucet Face and we want to make tap water more loveable. Use our charming bottles when filling up at the faucet and watch the heads turn!

Custom Bottles

We are able to customize bottles, please inquire for further details.

Buy Less Bottled Water

Reduce plastic bottle waste, and in turn support public water utilities.


The bottles were tested by an FDA accredited lab. For the glass, they did a leach test for lead and cadmium. For the caps they tested for BPA. We passed both tests.


Each bottle you buy provides a minimum 100 liters of clean water for a family in rural India.

Target Market

Our bottles are designed for eco-conscious adults who like good design. And since they're glass, they're for people 12 or older.

Ordering Info and Terms

The wholesale price is $7.20/bottle ($108/case), 10% OFF Initial Orders. Each case contains 15 bottles; feel free to mix and match styles.

Product Info

Instead of putting each bottle in its own box, we insert a simple pamphlet into every bottle. It saves cardboard, tells the customer our story, and helps position the product as something grander than an ordinary bottle.

Special Events and Large Orders

We love to partner with like-minded individuals and organizations.